Tuesday, 23 February 2016

The first time I have heard about CLIL methodology was in the Bilingual Master from the University of Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid. There, some teachers have been taught me the concepts of how CLIL should be worked in the schools. However, schools are not teaching using this methodology. So it is fundamental that as bilingual teacher we train in order to know about this methodology. That’s why,  I am studying to pass the TKT exam provided by Cambridge. This exam consists on knowing all the features of this methodology.
Some years ago I realised the importance of taking knowledge from different sources different from books. So for that time it is when my PLE started.
After that, I have tried to be update of different educational content by doing these kinds of things: follow in twitter relevant educational authors (César Bona, Santiago Moll, Victoria Marín…), create an educational account on Pinterest, and watch educational Ted videos. So, I consider that these actions are part of my PLN.
However, I really believe that all my online interventions have to increase in order to have a wide PLN where I can learn from it and expand my ideas.
Therefore, here is my popplet that contains my mapping  e-projects: 

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