Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Educating neigborhood! Prototype CLIL e-project.

After evaluating a project, I have decided to create a topic in which the student would be the active learner in their learning process. 
This e-project tries to go outside the school because as teachers we have to consider that students learn from different environments, so taking this into account, the neighborhood will become an learning space. Hence, they are going to find out those things that they like about their place, others things that need improvement and others that they don't like. 
The different activities that I have designed  have the purpose of this e-project  can be expanded and succeed .
Here you can see my video clip that I have done with IMovie:
IMovie is a tool that i have used previously. However, each time that I create a video I learn something new, thanks to this video I have learn how to convert an video into a static picture. Besides, I have to say that it is not suitable to write text the pictures that is why, I have had to use different programs such as Genially and Prezzi. 
If you don't understand any point, do no hesitate on telling me!
Hope you like it!

Evaluating CLIL e-projects

This task consists on evaluating a CLIL e-project, after checking some of them. Finally, I decided to choose this one:
This CLIL e-project is about animals and it is intended for second graders. That's why, this project has easy, simple and coherent content. Moreover, it is well-explained and well-structured. Regarding multimedia is plenty of tools that appeal to children. Wit regards to accessibility, I have to say that it is not well-adapted for people with special needs and it has a lack of creativity.
Genially has been the tool that I have choosen to create my evaluation. It is the first time that I use Genially.
In general,  I have to say that I am really impressed of how it works. The functions are very intuitive and easy to follow the steps. However, I had troubles with the type of the letter and the resources. 
I would like to say that making this evaluation makes me realize how a e-project should be done. So, now I am thinking which will be my learning outcome and how I can develop it.
Check my evaluation and do not hesitate on commenting me!