Tuesday, 23 February 2016


Despite creating my Twitter account in 2012, I haven’t been using it with a high frequency. My beginnings in Twitter consisted on reading and ret twittering post from friends. After a time, I started to follow some educational authors such as: Santiago Moll, César Bona and Victoria Marín. Since that moment, I realized the importance of having a wide contacts

 in Twitter with the main purpose of expanding ideas of the educational world and learn from those.
Besides, I am starting to get involve to the Twitter movement with a hash tag called #ictclil_urjc from my University. There all the classmates comment about the CLIL methodology. Apart from that, we have to be update all the educational speeches and conferences that we can participate by the network.
So, this is my tweet about CLIL:
Saying that what I mean is that in CLIL methodology can be used in any subject and through this subject the student will learn the target language of that content.
Also, I have ret twitted from my classmates tweets about CLIL methodology are:
This tweet is from Celia that says that CLIL is a different and innovative learning experience. In other words, CLIL is an eclectic methodology because it has catch the benefits from others educational methodologies.
Other tweet is from Teresa that claims the importance to have a corner for fast finishers students where these can go there and pick some activities in order to wait for the rest of the classroom.
Finally, I hope to be update and little by little to expand and catch educational ideas from around the world.

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