Tuesday, 23 February 2016

I get amazed, when I discover that there are a lot of programs in order to make videos that are free on the website.
So, I checked some of them as for example “Powtoon” and his tutorial. It seemed very interesting and easy to use according to the tutorial I saw.
However, after checking some of them I decided that I could improve my skills in a program that Mac includes that it is called IMovie. Surely, most of you have heard about this program It is not in the website for free, but I took the chance that my computer has it.
Previously to this video I have created another videos. However, there are some tools that I didn’t know how to incorporate.
IMovie is plenty of components that facilitate the creation of a video. You can change: colour, white balance, tone of the skin. Besides, it includes some models have already prepared for you such as: transitions, tittles, maps and sounds. Another aspect that I would like to remark is that the connections with your other Mac application work pretty well.
Doing this video I had the opportunity to keep improving my skills using this tool. I downloaded a clock intro in Youtube and I could incorporate in my video. Moreover, I created my own voice-over in order to say the main title of the video.
Here is the  Youtube link:
I hope that you enjoy my video!
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