Monday, 18 April 2016

Video Challenge

We are the group composed by: Alvaro Gómez, Mara Dominguez, Paula Lamas, Marta Gayarre and Neus Fiol.
For this mission, we have created a draft that explains what is the video about, we decided to use the simple tool as you already know that it is the Google Docs through a temple has been adapted from, Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0., who originally had adapted ir from  Lukas Henne’s template. Here it is the sharing:

When we were planning our video we though in which was our goal, after this decision when one idea comes across our mind we wrote in down, finally we had written all the scenes of the video.

Once we created our Storyboard, we started working on our video. We went to Moncloa neighborhood in order to record it. Unfortunately, we had to record the video twice because the first time the video was not well-recorded. When we edit the video with the faboulus tool called  IMovie, we noticed that the scenes were well recorded, however the sound of the sorroundings obstruct the audio of the characters.
Enjoy the video!

Regarding the IMovie tool, the Apple's brand provide you in the laptops and tablets. It is a tool that I used previously due to their efficacy. However, each time that I use it I learn new tools to edit the video.

This project are going to be part of the collaborative project called The ESL Times. It is a great project where students share their knowledges through different types of activities in English.
So as a teacher we have to take advantages of all these projects that are in the net.
We have done the same as the infoedugraphic project, we send our storyboard and video to their email, and they are going to give us another award as this:

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