Saturday, 16 April 2016

A live CLIL chocotalk

Hello everybody!

This task was so special, it was carried out on the 7th of April at 19:00 Spanish time and it consisted on doing a live chocotalk about CLIL.

One component of each group was the speaker, the others were content curators and disseminate the information.
The roles in my group were the followings:
Disseminate the information: @marta_Gayarre
Content curator: @22paau @maradominguezgo
Speaker: Alvaro_Gope @nepeuspu

The speakers, during the chocotalk, we spoke about different topic that are related to CLIL. The first one is the advantages and disadvantages of  CLIL, the second one was social and emotional benefits of CLIL, the third one was the role of the ICT in the classroom and lastly, it was related with develop our CLIL E-projects. I think, the last part of our chocotalk was the most interesting part, the names of our different projects were:
- Our body
- Traveling and Europe
- History
- Animals
- Neighbourhood
- Space

Here you can see the amazing chocotalk that it is published in YouTube.

At the same time, @marta_Gayarre was disseminating the information using her own Twitter and the Twitter of our CLIL e-project. Here you can see a label that announce the event.

After that, the content curators that were @22paau and @maradominguezgo, they created a Genially that collects all the information (Tweets, summaries and topics)
Here is the public link:

To sum up, as teachers we have to bear in mind that students can participate in this collaborative project, because the experience is very gratifying.Besides, the project give us an award as you can see on my right part of my blog.

We would like to thank to the Chococharlas team for giving us the opportunity to participate in his collaborative project.

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