Monday, 18 April 2016

Aurasma app. Augmentative reality

This mission consists of creating a collaborative slideshow about how to use the Aurasma app through a tutorial.
This tutorial supports the students to learn about an ICT tool that it is called Aurasma. We have decided to do a tutorial about Aurasma due to the fact that students have worked previously this app with the task of the info graphic.
In our team, we have divided the tasks, two of them wrote it down the dialog that we are going to record it in the tutorial, the rest of the team searched about how to use the tutorial called Screencast-o-matic.

About Screencast-o-matic, it is a online tool, you have to download an application, once you have downloaded the application, you can start working on it. It is a very intuitive and easy tool.
We had to record twice the tutorial because in the first time the phrases were not well-coordinated with the actions of the computer mouse.
You can see our final result here:

As teachers, it is important to know how to create tutorials in order to teach our students the steps that they have to follow in order to achieve a goal.
We have participated in a collaborative project that it is called Apor TICs. It consist on creating tutorials from different students about different topics. So it is a very useful tool in order to learn the ICT world and facilitate the learning of our students.
We have already sent  our task, and we are looking forward to receive an answer!

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